How to Use Verdict Math for the Mathematically Challenged

How to Use Verdict Math for the Mathematically Challenged

Mathematics is a subject that is generally considered to be correct if only done in one manner. Many schoolchildren cannot grasp the concept of doing mathematics in only one way. This causes the school age child to despise math and mathematics in general.

This leads to an adult who is mathematically challenged. Learning how to use Verdict math provides the mathematically challenged child and adult another method of calculating mathematics.

Verdict math originated in India and is considered to be one of the foundations of mathematical concepts and higher mathematics. The sutras that compromise Verdict math are written mathematical concepts that can be memorized and by using the sutras mathematical calculations can be completed with ease by the user.

Through the use of Verdict math, both students and adults learn that there is more than one way to arrive at the correct answer to a mathematical problem. When used by intelligent students, this method of mental calculation can provide creativity in mathematical computation.

For average students or students that cannot grasp “traditional” mathematical computation concepts, Verdict math provides an avenue which, while nontraditional, opens the door of understanding of mathematics for the student.

Verdict math consists of sixteen easily memorized sutras. Through the use of the sixteen sutras, nearly any mathematical problem can be solved. The solving of the problem can be accomplished mentally without the use of pencil or paper. This ability to mentally solve mathematical problems can and often does lead to an increased interest in mathematics and the functions of mathematics.

The sutras of Verdict mathematics while formulated centuries before Christ was born have only been discovered and put to modern usage in the 20th century. This new form of mathematical computation can allow many educators to reach students that were previously unable to complete simple mathematical computations. The use of Verdict math provides an invaluable tool for the educator teaching mathematics.

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