What’s your Tutor Turnover? Covid Stress is taking its Toll

A happy teacher is one that stays put.

Life is stressful. It always has been, but then the universe added in a killer virus, sub-zero temperatures due to climate change, and home schooling. Life isn’t just tough anymore, it’s excruciating.

Worse still, for a large percentage of the population, they or their partners have just been made redundant. With a spiralling rate of unemployment and millions of people now claiming benefits, how long can we sustain this level of economic strain? 

And all of this is affected our teachers and tutors to breaking point.

Teachers have it Tough

Amid all of this, educators are asking teachers to show up and teach the children of those most often exposed to covid-19. They are simultaneously creating lesson plans for lessons which need to be delivered through the medium of video chat. They can no longer hold classroom quizzes, enjoy seeing the kids be creative, or have items to decorate the classroom walls with. 

As it stands right now, one teacher is doing the workload of two or more others. There’s only so long that they can operate at this level for before something starts to give way. A recent BBC report found that 84% of all teachers were feeling the strain. They are suffering from a new kind, too, Covid-Stress.

Covid-Stress is now a recognised condition by both the NHS and the CDC. Mental illness has skyrocketed during these times, with the impact of the virus reaching into every aspect of our lives. We have been worried and anxious for so long at this point, that it we are starting to break. This means that the strain teachers were already feeling is about to get so much worse.

Coping with Covid-Stress and Preventing High Staff Turnover

In the face of all of this, we need to remember that we already have the tools to cope with it all. Listed below are some of our favourite ways to assure your teachers are in tip-top form, despite the pandemic.

Train Them

We don’t mean train them how to do the new tasks their job includes (although this would help), we mean train them in managing their own well-being. Check out the range of courses at Hays Education, where teachers can choose which parts they like in modules. 

Advocate Self-Care

A lot of people don’t have any self-care coping techniques. Surprising them with the occasional day off, with taking on some of their duties, or with coffee and cake in the staffroom on hectic days.

Push Teamwork

A problem shared is a problem halved. If your teachers can work together to share in the responsibilities they have taken on, you can soon see a reduction in stress – and therefore employee turnover.

Use Helplines

Advertising for mental health support services around your school allows your teachers to anonymously seek out support from mental health professionals. This gives them privacy but still helps provide support. MIND always have excellent literature that you can use.

Lighten the Load

Last but not least, make sure that you take as much of the strain off them as possible. Do little things to take some work off their hands. Even if you must do it yourself, every little will help out. We are all in this together, a good head teacher knows this and makes plans accordingly.

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