How can a Parent Teach a Child Maths at Home?

A child is sent to school so that he/she could get quality education and develop themselves to face the real world. But a parent also has responsibilities towards a child’s education. In fact, at home, they can give them the best practice of learning by teaching them using different methods. Maths especially is a subject where children face difficulties while solving problems or doing calculations. So, it is necessary to give them special attention. Here are some tips for a parent to teach their child Maths at home.

Play With Numbers

The basics of Maths starts with numbers. In their primary classes, children will come across various types of numbers, such as Natural Numbers, Whole Numbers, Odd and Even Numbers, Prime Numbers, etc. Teach them the importance of each number and their uses. For example, use the numbers for counting the things present at home.

Use Bills

We use many services at home such as phone, television, data connection, etc., for which we pay a monthly or sometimes yearly bills. Even when we go to the restaurants to have food, we have been given a receipt carrying the bill amount. Take those bills and ask your child to check if the calculation in the bill has been done properly or not.

Get Their Help in Budgets

The planner of the home, whether father or mother, has to create a budget for monthly expenses so that the rest of the income could be saved for the future. Ask your child to help you manage the budget by adding or subtracting the products as per their price amount. This will also increase their own management skills. 

Do Something Creative

Don’t make learning boring for them at home. With the classical methods of learning from books, a child should be given some creative aspects to learn. Parents can use pictures or visuals to teach them. Even at home, they can help them create Maths projects by using craft items such as colourful papers, ice-cream sticks, etc. For instance, preparing a chart for multiplication tables, a chart highlighting the composite numbers from 1 to 100, etc.

Apart from these tips, parents must analyze their child’s daily activities and also meet their teachers to know how he/she is doing at school. Always take out time from your busy schedule and spend some quality time with your child, to keep them cheerful.

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