5 Reasons to Never Do an Accelerated Degree

5 Reasons to Never Do an Accelerated Degree

An accelerated degree programmed is an opportunity to obtain a degree in a short space of time. Some of these degree courses allow students to achieve a bachelor’s degree, while others specialize in both undergraduate and postgraduate study. However, accelerated degree programmed is not for everyone.

They pack an awful lot of study in a short space of time, so you have to be focused and motivated. It’s certainly possible, but here’s why you shouldn’t study an accelerated degree programmed:

#1 more work in less time

As this type of study is condensed into a shorter space of time, your schedule will be packed. Consequently, you will not have the opportunity to study at great length or really get to understand topics in detail before moving on to the next task.

#2 Difficult to fit around your other commitments

Accelerated programmed of study are incredibly time consuming and they don’t really have any flexibility. This is even more relevant if you have a full-time job or family commitments. Attending university can be difficult, not to mention when the courses are delivered at such a rapid pace.

#3 Studying Online

Many accelerated programmed require online study and although this type of delivery has evolved considerably, accelerated learning in particular is way behind. Many students don’t enjoy the rich, immersive learning experience that other students have and this can be off putting for some.

Due to the nature of these courses, some of them are delivered entirely online. However, for certain ‘practical’ subjects this proves very difficult and somewhat frustrating for students who don’t benefit from the theory and practical work typical of a regular study programmed.

#4 Motivations

With such a fast paced degree programmed you have to demonstrate a high degree of motivation and maintain this until your course is complete. There is no set schedule and you don’t have teachers available to help out. Everything is left up to you, so if you find that motivating yourself is difficult, an accelerated programmed of study is not for you.

#5 Environments

The nature of your study means that you will have to spend a lot of your time reading, learning materials or writing assignments. Not everyone has the right environment, such as a dedicated study area, in which to do this. Due to the demanding workload, you must ensure that you have a place to study other than the kitchen table and that you can dedicate the time you need to complete your essays.

Even though accelerated degree courses are popular, they don’t suit everyone’s study style. However, if you are dedicated and have the motivation to study intensively for a number of months, an accelerated degree programmed may be an option.

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