How to Find College Books for Cheap

How to Find College Books for Cheap

Most students are unaware they can buy college books for cheap by simply utilizing online merchants. College is already overwhelmingly expensive, and tuition rates steadily rise, yet schools are still finding ways to siphon more money out of empty pockets.

Higher education has known for years, of the ability to buy affordable textbooks. They simply ignored the concept, because their number one priority is revenue.

Universities and colleges never make it mandatory to use their bookstore, and they certainly never explain the possibility of saving money on textbooks. Students will typically buy books listed on a syllabus that most likely hints at finding help in their campus bookstore. Parents and students are oblivious to the steep price markups of campus-bought textbooks; it is not the manufacturer receiving those extra funds. Suddenly, online vendors providing these portals for cheaper books have become a liberator.

Merchants Selling College Books for Cheap

There are several reliable online bookstores selling college textbooks at deep discounts. Here is a word to the wise do not procrastinate start the search as soon as you receive your textbook list. Deeply discounted books sell out quickly leaving students in a panic with fewer opportunities.

Students seeking to buy new or used college textbooks, at affordable prices can find a good choice with this vendor. At the end of the semester, students are able to sell their books, and receive funds back. Another positive incentive about this vendor is that, they also offer e-textbooks, for those wanting to download to their Kindle, Android or iPod devices.

Not only does this vendor sell affordable college textbooks, but one feature many students particularly enjoy is that, they sell textbooks in teacher editions, which is becoming a more popular request. Teacher editions have the same information as student textbooks, with added notes, study guides and some answers.

This doesn’t necessarily mean students will get the answers to assignments or tests. Teacher editions simply give more insight into the subject, which is especially helpful for students taking distance courses.

Every student and faculty member looking for a guaranteed method of finding their textbooks at cheaper prices. This site searches multiple vendors and provides the user with a list of online sites that offer the book with accompanying prices. Students are also able to sell their books back and the site usually pays more for used books than the college.

More and more book manufactures are utilizing for direct sales. Textbook vendors are diversifying their revenue options and are placing large quantities of inventory on the web. Amazon is the most widely known, popular vendor and although there is competition from other book sites, Amazon still ranks in the top five for students.

Since Amazon has a high-profile, and is the most familiar online bookstore, it is the first stop for many book vendors, looking to place inventory. It is also one of the primary places to find different varieties of teacher editions, including test modules and answer keys. That may not sit well with parents or instructors, but students will find their rescue from any source.

Will colleges change their price point?

It is not likely that colleges will make textbooks more affordable. You have to consider, overhead for the campus bookstore and the initial cost for books contribute to the price. Add that to the extra revenue administrators are looking to bring in, and it becomes pretty clear that colleges will not discount the textbooks.

For many students, it is easier to take a syllabus to the college bookstore and buy textbooks. The college understands that textbooks are a mandatory necessity for students, and as long as demand remains intact, textbooks will continue to have steep price markups.

Higher education is an expensive objective and students constantly seek ways to cut expenses. Utilizing online venues to purchase college books for cheap can save students hundreds of dollars each semester.

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